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Spray Combustion


  • Modeling of spray combustion is vital for design of various combustion systems 

  • In particular, internal combustion engines and gas turbines

  • Complex physical dynamics:

    • Droplet evaporation​ and atomization

    • Mass, momentum, and energy two-way coupling with the flow

Research Details

  • Liquid spray droplets are modeled via a Lagrangian-Eulerian approach 

  • Specially designed two-way coupling for fast compressible flows

  • Development of an improved stochastic secondary atomization model

  • Droplet breakup and evaporation processes are fully conservative



Sai Sandeep Dammati, Texas A&M University

Alexei Poludnenko​, University of Connecticut 

Simulation of a representative turbine-engine high-swirl combustor

 Monodispersed 3.5 µm dodecane droplets injected together with 700 K air

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