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Metal Combustion


  • Combustion of metallic particles has numerous engineering applications 

  • For instance, aluminum combustion can be used for:

    • Fuel-air explosive weapons

    • Rocket propulsion systems

  • Ignition and combustion involve a wide range of multi-physics effects 

Research Details

  • Development of a reduced model for aluminum particle combustion

  • Summary of model main features: 

    • Kinetic-diffusion heterogenous reaction model

    • Single-step first-order Arrhenius reaction

    • Reactions initiated only above the melting point

    • Particle temperature cannot exceed the boiling point

  • Incorporated in a Lagrangian-Eulerian approach 


Sai Sandeep Dammati, Texas A&M University

Alexei Poludnenko​, University of Connecticut 

Dispersal of a solid aluminum particle layer by a blast wave

  1. Strong blast wave is initiated in the lower left corner

  2. Polydispersed particles are placed around the initial blast wave

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