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Particle-Laden Flows


  • Common in nature and various engineering applications

  • Typically involve two-way coupling with the flow

  • Possible application, synthetic PIV of gas-phase detonation

  • Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

    • ​Experimental particle seeding approach

    • Allows instantaneous flow field characterization

  • Is PIV reliable for analyzing gas-phase detonations?

Research Details

  • In depth study by numerically replicating PIV particles 

  • Development of a coupled Lagrangian-Eulerian approach 

  • Fully conservative formulation designed for fast compressible flows

  • 2-D Hydrogen-air detonation

  • Aluminum oxide PIV particles with realistic seeding density

  • Massless tracers are seeded as PIV particles reach the detonation front

  • Detailed analysis including:

    • Particle clustering

    • Trajectory accuracy

    • Effect on the flow field


Sai Sandeep Dammati, Texas A&M University

Cal Rising, Jonathan Reyes, Kareem Ahmed,
University of Central Florida

Alexei Poludnenko​, University of Connecticut 

Pressure contours in Barye

 Tracers and PIV particles are denoted in blue and red, respectively

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